Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011


They Lived And died to Make Us Human

Desire to be loved is a great quality and is found only among those who have more love and respect for others than theirselves. Men of God taught us how to love and respect ourselves but have more of it for others. Many a divine incarnations had to lay down their lives at the altar human hatred so that our innate love and divinity may come to life. Mahavira, Buddha, Jesus, Kabir,Nanak,Osho lived and died to offload our sins. Only God knows how many great souls will have to suffer still for us because the world is not yet cleansed of its devilishness. 

               --Surinder Singh 'Darvesh'

Random Thoughts

If we commit a wrong, we cannot evade its results and we should be bold enough to own our errors and do due penance. If we have done no wrong, then we must not wail, since this will embolden our tormentors. All tormentors have one weekness--They cannot live on their own. They need other people to carry the burden of their sinister lives so that they may live as parasites. But the victim must be bold enough to live on his/her own. Remember one thing--Only those people, who have inner spiritual energy, win over devils. And only LOVE, VIRTUOSITY, HONESTY, SYMPATHY, MERCY and FORGIVENESS give us spiritual prowess. 

                                                   --Surinder Singh 'Darvesh'

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spirituality and Healthcare


WASHINGTON: Saints and religious gurus have been saying this since ages, now a new study has reinforced their idea that spirituality improves health outcomes for both men and women facing chronic illnesses.

Researchers at the University of Missouri in the US found that being involved in religious or spiritual activities improves women's mental health, while men experience better physical health as well as improved mental health. "The new findings reinforce the idea that religion or spirituality may help buffer the negative consequences of chronic health conditions," study author Stephanie Reid-Arndt said.

Numerous previous studies have shown the positive effects of spirituality and religion on health. To delve deeper into the religion-health link, Reid-Arndt and her colleagues looked at the role of gender in using spirituality to cope with their chronic health conditions such as stroke, cancer, spinal cord injury or brain injury. For their study the researchers recruited 168 people, aged 18 and more, from an academic health center who had chronic health conditions.

After gauging each participant's level of religiousness or spirituality, the researchers measured their general mental and physical health by asking them to fill out questionnaires. Though women are stereotypically regarded as more religious than men, the researchers found no differences between two sexes in terms of self-reported levels of spiritual experiences, religious practices or congregational support.



A study has revealed that cheating really does run in the family, at least as far as men are concerned.

A team of Czech scientists carried out the study that confirmed the old adage 'like father like son'.

They concluded that while men and women both had affairs, men were more likely to stray if their fathers had been unfaithful as they were growing up, reports the Daily Mail .

According to researcher Jan Havlicek, boys grew up by observing the world around them what was appropriate and what they could get away with.

Their father was an obvious example to follow for good or for bad.

The scientists, based at Charles University in Prague recruited 86 couples for the research.

They found that whether or not a man was satisfied and happy in his main relationship had no effect on the likelihood that he would stray.

Men usually have affairs because they want sex and a greater number of sexual partners, not because they are fed up with their wives, he said.

The results were presented at conference of the European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Pope Took Six Years 

To Defrock Pedophile Priest

Joseph Ratzinger asked Oakland, The Associated Press was first to report another piece of evidence that puts into question the Vatican's insistence that Pope Benedict XVI took the cases of pedophile priests seriously. Four years after a California priest asked to leave the ministry, his bishop wrote to the cardinal who would become Pope Benedict XVI begging for action. But in a 1985 letter, Cardinal Calif., Bishop John Cummins to "consider the good of the Universal Church" and insisted it was necessary "to submit incidents of this sort to very careful consideration." The priest in question, Stephen Kiesle, had pleaded no contest to misdemeanors involving child molestation in 1978 for tying up and molesting two young boys in a church. But as the Vatican tried to decide his fate, Kiesle began volunteering in the youth ministry at one of his former parishes. He wasn't defrocked until 1987. In 2002, he was charged with 13 counts of child molestation, but most were thrown out due to the statute of limitations. In 2004, Kiesle was sentenced to six years in prison and is now a registered sex offender. In response to the latest allegations, the Vatican insists the letter signed by the pope was taken out of context. The former bishop of Oakland who wrote to the Vatican about Kiesle talks to the New York Times and suggests that if anyone deserves blame it is Benedict's predecessor. So many priests were leaving the priesthood after the Second Vatican Council that Pope John Paul II "really slowed down the process and made it much more delibera